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  • Before using your shorts, slightly inflate the pocket lock the pocket with the snap-closure. When applying some pressure to the pocket, no air should escape. When you feel that the pocket is air-tight, you can be assured that not a single drop of water will get in there when the zipper is fully closed.

    We recommend that you do this quick test regularly, if only to boost your confidence that your valuables are safe and dry when you jump in the water!

  • The IPX8 rating certifies that our waterproof pockets are designed to withstand depths of over 100 feet (30 meters).

  • Yes! The shorts are machine-washable, with no risk at ruining the fabric or the waterproof pocket, as long as you follow the washing label instructions. But, make sure not to throw them in the tumble drier, and don’t iron them.

  • Absolutely not! These pockets have been carefully engineered to not only ensure a 100% waterproof closure, but also to keep your valuables safe.
    The closure uses an evolved (and patented) technology where the magnets are embedded in the mechanism, thus ensuring that the minimum security distance is achieved.

  • If you're experiencing a leak with your pocket, here are steps to troubleshoot:

    1. Check for Debris: Inspect the magnetic closure for any debris that may be interfering with its seal.
    2. Thoroughly Rinse: If you find any debris, thoroughly rinse the magnetic closure to ensure it's clean and free from obstructions.
    3. Ensure Dryness: Make sure the inside of the pocket is completely dry before testing if the pocket is waterproof.
    4. Test the Closure: Once dry, test the pocket's waterproof seal by following our guidelines for testing waterproofness.

    Are yoiu still experiencing a leak?

    contact us at and we will help you out.